How to use Web2SMS
The Web2SMS service allows Airtel subscribers to send short messages from the Internet to any GSM handset on a reachable national/international cellular network. Contact customer care for a list of all such networks.

The first step for a new user to the Web2SMS service is to register your phone number with the service. Your password is automatically generated and sent to your handset. This is to ensure that no-one registers a phone except the owner. The password sent to your phone is to be used whenever you wish to use the service.

NOTE: You can change your password at any point by clicking on the 'My Profile' link after logging in. You can register a new user here

After logging in, you can perform a number of tasks including:

  • Changing your profile. Your profile contains details about you - your name,phone number, email address & postal address.
  • Managing your phone book.: Your phone book contains your personal contact information and you can add and remove telephone numbers to and from this at your pleasure. You also have the opportunity to choose any phone number from here to send an SMS to.
  • Managing your lists.: A list is a group of telephone numbers which you want to send a similar SMS to, e.g. a wedding list. You can have up to 100 numbers in each list.
  • You can send an SMS of up to 160 characters to any network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I don't have a Airtel phone number. Can I still use this service?
A:  The Airtel Web2SMS service is only available to Airtel subscribers. You can obtain a Airtel starter pack at your nearest Airtel Service Centre.

Q:  I've forgotten my password! What do I do??
A:  Click on the 'Forgot Password' link. Enter your phone number in the box provided and click on the 'Get NEW Password link'. A new password will be sent to your phone. You can later change this password by clicking on the 'My Profile' link after logging in.

Q:  What is a distribution list??
A:  A distribution list is a collection of a set of related telephone numbers, which you wish to group together. When you send an SMS to a list, a duplicate SMS is sent to all the members of the list.